Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So since no one has posted in a while I thought I would! It's been over a year and I don't even know if people even read this anymore! No one reads mine now, but I'm starting to get better. I think i decided I wanted to keep more like an online journal for myself, except leave out all the details, but more like what I did that day. Just every few days say what you did and what you've learned since the last post. I got the idea from a video I watched in seminary one day. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

I can't remember the name of it, but it is about a wife/mother who was traveling with her husband and the plane crashed. She was burned all over and had to have several surgeries to fix the damage. And because of the surgery, she looks nothing like her old self. She wrote on there how she didn't feel beautiful anymore and thought she was somewhat of a freak. But everyday she wrote stuff she was thankful for. Like her children, and being there to raise them. And she soon realized that she was beautiful, her own kind of beautiful.
This video taught me many lessons. Number 1: Don't take the little simple things for granted. They are there for a reason, but can easily be taken away from you. Number 2: Beauty is in the sight of the beholder. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. And describing someone as beautiful doesn't mean they are the best looking person around, but can mean that their personality is beautiful. Their actions. Their kindness. So everyone is different, but that is the good thing about life. Life is crazy, and hectic sometimes, but that is why it's fun. It's always those crazy days that make the best memories.

Well, in news of our family, Jeff got married to Kristi in November. I'm going to be a senior and don't know how to feel about that. Lacey is living with us again, and working like crazy. Peydon is about to turn 10, Hadley soon to be 8 and getting baptized, with Kyson almost 7! Laura and Mike moved back to Utah, with their 4 children. Brianna is now 10, Justin 9, Josh will be 6 (I think?), and baby Jayden is now over 1 year old! Libby and Brock are enjoying life and being close to work ha! Sadie turned 8 and will be baptized this next month, Carter is going to be 7 too, with Gracie now 2 and being...well, herself! She sure is developing her personality! But that is the update on ALL the kids!