Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! and a letter from Jeff!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! Here is Jeff's Christmas letter!

So i thought i would let everybody know how christmas in Austrailia is looking so far. Really it doesn't feel like christmas with this heat and ocean views but i am enjoying it all the same. This last week was awesome. We had christmas conference and we got to go down to city on the country link train which is about a 6 or 7 hour journey in which we played plenty of bored games and card games as a zone. We then spent the night in Temple accomodations and three zones worth of missionaries all got up early and we went down to a park and played a big game of touch rugby which is actually a way fun game i can't wait to get home and introduce it to everyone. After that we all got ready and went to the temple and did a session. We then went and had a christmas lunch/dinner it was really good with all kinds of meats and potatoes and sweet potatoes and deserts and stuff. We then had a talent show which was short but really good because some of the missionaries are really good with guitars. After that president set up a big screen and a projector and showed us some "worldly films" haha it was pretty good to sit back with a fizzy and some pop-corn and forget the world and watch a couple movies. We then sang some christmas carols and hymns, got our packages and went back talked and went to bed, woke up early the next morning got on the train and came back up to Port Macquire. It was a good Christmas Conference and made me actually feel like it was christmas.Besides that the highlight of the last week has been a lady named Tegan she and her sister Sara are investigators and they are really progressing well Tegan wants to be baptised and has commited to it and we are hoping sara will also. We still have a lot to teach them but i can't help but have a good feeling about their future because they seem so prepared. The only rough part is that they live 40 minutes away from the chappel and don't have a car and nobody in the branch is able to give them a ride.(Some because they have no way to and some because they are just unwilling to.) But luckily the lord is on our side and it seems like everything is going to work out.It is a great time and a hard time to be a missionary in Australia. I feel very dissapointed to see so many people with hard hearts and it almost makes you overcome with frustration and a feeling of failure but then you get a sense of satisfaction that cannot be described when you find success in small ways or in huge ways. My testimony is this that God lives and love us. His son Jesus Christ was born into this world a small baby but was the savior and reedemer and grew and suffered and died for us that we can return to live with Them again. I know this is the true gospel. I hope you all have a merry christmas and know that i love you heaps.
Elder Lundgreen

Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Letter 2

Here is another letter from Jeff!

Well this last week was a crazy one. I felt lost all week because i was transfered into a new area. It is a really beautifull area i live about two minutes from the beach and can hear the waves crashing when it gets loud enough so it is pretty neat. It is hot enough that a cool swim in the ocean would be really nice most days. It actually rained for about two days straight just after i got into this new area so things got pretty depressing feeling and then it got really really warm and humid for a couple days and so it was just throwing us for a loop but all is well the work must go on. We have a few investigators up here in Port Macquarie that look pretty promising and Elder Bregante and myself are pretty excited for the upcoming few months. Elder Bregante is from Santa Cruz California and is about two or three inches shorter than me and stocky built he is hilarious and an awesome cook. We have gotten along really well so far and so things are looking good. I really just am trying to learn my way around the area so that i can be more usefull and take my part more as senior companion and lead out but it will take a little time to get to know the people here and the area it is a massive area we cover it takes about 2 hours to drive from top to bottom and a little more from side to side(at least i think anyways).I am still a district leader over sisters and i have a sister from Utah and one from New Zealand and they are probably considered the "Trouble sisters" of the mission. I have only got in one little dispute with them so far because they didn't like something i asked them to do but all is well we worked it out and they came to their senses. haha They actually had a baptism this last weekend and so friday evening we drove down so i could do the baptismal interview and then we were given speciel permission from president to spend the night at some members in their area because it is like a hour and a half trip and the baptism was in the morning and the zone leader wanted us to attend the baptism too. So we stayed at this 80 year old couples house... It was kinda like staying at your grandparents you don't know haha. They cooked us Eggs and Bacon in the morning and everything so it wasn't to shabby.This week we get on the train on Wednsday morning and spend most of the day on the train down to Sydney and that night we will go work with some of the elders down there and the next day is our christmas conference and then we spend the night again and travel back up the next morning early. It should be a fun week we will get to attend the temple and everything so we are looking forward to it.The Branch here is pretty small maybe 30-40 people at sacrament. Our chapel is a remodled barn haha and is pretty tiny. The members here seem pretty cool. i haven't even unpacked all of my stuff from my suitcases since i got here last week we have just tried to get out and work as much as possible and i usually just feel to tired and wore out by the end of the day but hopefully i will get settled in soon. We are only taking part of our preperation days this month because we have so many days we can't really go out tracting and stuff with the holidays so president asked us to get out as much as possible when we can. It is kinda rough but oh well I guess sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.We really need blessings i have just really been trying to work on my own desire and love for the people and the work because i struggle at times with it but i am working on becoming better. I know that the lord will help us overcome our weaknesses if we humbly work and pray for strength to overcome them. I know that we have a savior and that he knows us and has atoned for us so we can repent, change, and become better. I am gratefull for the opportunity to be serving here in Australia and serving Heavenly Father by serving these people. I love you all and miss ya heaps.
Elder Lundgreen

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Monday, December 8, 2008


I realized that Laura's idea to put the letters from Jeff on here is a really good idea. I told Mom that I would do it because she is always busy with the business. Here is a letter we got this week:
Hey Mom, Dad, Janie and whoever else,
Well this transfer ended and we got our calls and i am leaving Toronto. It is kinda weird to think but i am going further up the coast to a place called Port Macquarie. It is a ways up the coast from Sydney and is just a Branch instead of a Ward so it is going to be different. My companions name is Elder Bergante he is from california and Elder Appleton trained him in Ourimbah when i was transfered out and was in this zone when i came back so i know him pretty well he is an awesome cook so i will have to exercise more to keep the weight off. It will be sad to leave this area even if i am a little restless to leave because it is right before christmas and you start to get close to the members and stuff when you spend this long in an area. Plus Elder Rorason is an awesome guy and we had a fun transfer together. Well on christmas day i don't know exactly when you want me to call home.... i am not 100% sure the time difference but i think we are 18 hours ahead right now so you guys try to give me a time to call you and i will give it a shot but if you don't tell me then i will just call at like 7 or 8 at night there but if you want it earlier just let me know. So anyways.... I don't have much else to tell you i know that the package you sent is there because i saw it but they save it for christmas conference so i will wait until then. But anyways I love you all and miss ya let me know about christmas and stuff and i will talk to you later.

Love Elder Lundgreen

There! I will also post the ones he sends to me or Dad. I think that would be good for everyone to read them! See ya!

Posts falling behind

How come no one bothers to update this blog. I didn't even realize I had the ability to post on it until today. Anyways I was thinking maybe Mom or Janie could copy and past info from Jeff on here to keep everyone up to date on him. I finally heard from him this week. Here is his letter to me.

Hey sis,
Thanks for the e-mail and the update.  I am doing well Australia is hot sunny and i trying to keep myself from getting skin cancer by wearing sunscreen but sometimes i forget and get a little burnt.  That's what i get for being "The red-headed step child".
Anyways it sounds like you and the kids and Mike are doing good i hope you guys are enjoying that snow it just doesn't feel like Christmas is coming to me this hot humid weather just kills my Christmas spirit but hopefully it will all turn out right.
I am getting transferred to a Place called Port Macquarie tomorrow right before Christmas so that kinda sucks but a change will be nice.  It is hard to leave an area when you know the members better than you do in your home ward especially when you baptized a few of them but oh well the i know that everything happens for a reason and it will all be okay because the Lord is there and has his hand in all things.  Sometimes it is hard being a missionary,  There is no place like home and family but this place becomes somewhat of a home and the people and members and companions become like a family so you don't know whether time ticking is a good thing or a bad thing.
Anyways Laura tell the family i love them.  Give the kids a hug for me and you guys take care.  Love ya heaps.


Elder Lundgreeen

I find inspiration every time I read one of his letters and think most of you would like to read them! SO someone keep on top of it!