Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! and a letter from Jeff!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! Here is Jeff's Christmas letter!

So i thought i would let everybody know how christmas in Austrailia is looking so far. Really it doesn't feel like christmas with this heat and ocean views but i am enjoying it all the same. This last week was awesome. We had christmas conference and we got to go down to city on the country link train which is about a 6 or 7 hour journey in which we played plenty of bored games and card games as a zone. We then spent the night in Temple accomodations and three zones worth of missionaries all got up early and we went down to a park and played a big game of touch rugby which is actually a way fun game i can't wait to get home and introduce it to everyone. After that we all got ready and went to the temple and did a session. We then went and had a christmas lunch/dinner it was really good with all kinds of meats and potatoes and sweet potatoes and deserts and stuff. We then had a talent show which was short but really good because some of the missionaries are really good with guitars. After that president set up a big screen and a projector and showed us some "worldly films" haha it was pretty good to sit back with a fizzy and some pop-corn and forget the world and watch a couple movies. We then sang some christmas carols and hymns, got our packages and went back talked and went to bed, woke up early the next morning got on the train and came back up to Port Macquire. It was a good Christmas Conference and made me actually feel like it was christmas.Besides that the highlight of the last week has been a lady named Tegan she and her sister Sara are investigators and they are really progressing well Tegan wants to be baptised and has commited to it and we are hoping sara will also. We still have a lot to teach them but i can't help but have a good feeling about their future because they seem so prepared. The only rough part is that they live 40 minutes away from the chappel and don't have a car and nobody in the branch is able to give them a ride.(Some because they have no way to and some because they are just unwilling to.) But luckily the lord is on our side and it seems like everything is going to work out.It is a great time and a hard time to be a missionary in Australia. I feel very dissapointed to see so many people with hard hearts and it almost makes you overcome with frustration and a feeling of failure but then you get a sense of satisfaction that cannot be described when you find success in small ways or in huge ways. My testimony is this that God lives and love us. His son Jesus Christ was born into this world a small baby but was the savior and reedemer and grew and suffered and died for us that we can return to live with Them again. I know this is the true gospel. I hope you all have a merry christmas and know that i love you heaps.
Elder Lundgreen

Happy Holidays everyone!

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