Monday, December 8, 2008


I realized that Laura's idea to put the letters from Jeff on here is a really good idea. I told Mom that I would do it because she is always busy with the business. Here is a letter we got this week:
Hey Mom, Dad, Janie and whoever else,
Well this transfer ended and we got our calls and i am leaving Toronto. It is kinda weird to think but i am going further up the coast to a place called Port Macquarie. It is a ways up the coast from Sydney and is just a Branch instead of a Ward so it is going to be different. My companions name is Elder Bergante he is from california and Elder Appleton trained him in Ourimbah when i was transfered out and was in this zone when i came back so i know him pretty well he is an awesome cook so i will have to exercise more to keep the weight off. It will be sad to leave this area even if i am a little restless to leave because it is right before christmas and you start to get close to the members and stuff when you spend this long in an area. Plus Elder Rorason is an awesome guy and we had a fun transfer together. Well on christmas day i don't know exactly when you want me to call home.... i am not 100% sure the time difference but i think we are 18 hours ahead right now so you guys try to give me a time to call you and i will give it a shot but if you don't tell me then i will just call at like 7 or 8 at night there but if you want it earlier just let me know. So anyways.... I don't have much else to tell you i know that the package you sent is there because i saw it but they save it for christmas conference so i will wait until then. But anyways I love you all and miss ya let me know about christmas and stuff and i will talk to you later.

Love Elder Lundgreen

There! I will also post the ones he sends to me or Dad. I think that would be good for everyone to read them! See ya!

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