Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Long Time

It's been a really long time since anyone has posted on here, so I decided that I would. What's been going on with everyone? Nothing much has been going on here, just been busy with school and of course helping Mom and Dad with the office. So everyone in the family is doing good, just been a little chaotic and helping Lacey.... But other than that, just normal life.

Yesterday was Veteran's Day as you all know. In school we had an amazing experience, well at least I did. The student council told the teachers to be mean to everyone, like how a Sgt. would be, and they took away the tables and chairs and told us we had to earn them back. So yeah, it was pretty interesting. Especially since my seminary class is right before the assembly and Bro. Cornelsen was really good at being mean. He sent me to the back of the classroom in a corner all by myself because I was talking! HAHA! I always talk. But then we went to an assembly and it was so sad. I was teary-eyed. THey played songs like American Soldier by Toby Keith and If You're Reading This by Tim Mcgraw. Oh my gosh, I love those songs, but they are so sad. But the slideshow they put together was really great.

Well, better let ya go. See ya!

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