Thursday, April 9, 2009

Surprise Visit!

So Sunday right after General conference we got a surprise visit from a couple that just returned from Port Maquarie, Australia and served with Jeff "Elder Lundgreen" in that area. They just returned home less than 2 weeks ago. The funny part is, we just got a letter from them on Saturday saying they'd be in the area visiting their daughter in Richfield and they'd like to meet for a brief visit. We were, of course, taken by surprise. The house was total chaos, because we had both Lacey and Libby's families here to watch conference with us. It was so neat though. They said he's a very enthusiastic missionary, very humble and dedicated. We got to hear about the mission area, the people he's teaching, and a few fun stories about he and his companion. Sister Abplanalp gave me a hug that was straight from "Elder Lundgreen". It made me cry, but I cry at everything that has anything to do with missionaries. Prayers, stories, letters, you name it, I cry. Oh well, I just deal with it.

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