Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spur-of-the-moment vacation!

So Janie and I left on Saturday and went shopping the first part of the day with Sadie (for her birthday), Libby, Gracie, and Mitzi (Brock's Mom). We had so much fun - let's do it again! Later in the afternoon Dana came and picked Janie and I up and we left for South Dakota. We got a room and spent the night in Rock Springs, WY.
On Sunday we listened to conference cds and church music cds and then we got to Martin's Cove and hiked up into the Cove. It is a very spiritual and special place. We also passed Independence Rock and traveled most of the day to get to Mt. Rushmore, SD. We got there in time to get some good pictures and then to stay and watch the evening program. It was pretty cool.
On Monday we got to Aberdeen, SD and unloaded a reel of cable we took up there. Then we headed to Nauvoo, IL. We really didn't plan on going there, but decided while we were this close we may as well go. It was a good day to travel because it rained all day. We stopped and slept in Stuart, IA.
On Tuesday we got up early - which Janie is protesting because it is suppossed to be summer vacation - and got to Nauvoo by early afternoon. We went to a couple of places and got some great pictures, and then we ended up (after pricing several motels) renting a little log cabin for a couple of days. It is soo neat! We went to a show "Rondevouz at Old Nauvoo" done by the couple and senior missionaries. It was hilarious and so cute. We also ran into Jerald and Kathy Tolman who used to live in Monroe and now are on a mission here. It was so good to see them.
Now today we are going to tour a few more of the Old Nauvoo sites, do a session at the temple, then on to tour Carthage Jail and catch the show "Sunset on the Mississippi". It will be a fun day!
I'll catch everyone up when I get home.

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